A weekend ruined by too much rain

    Well, last weekend didn't turn out the way it was supposed to. I don't have to tell you it rained on Friday to begin the weekend. We were sitting at Farmer's Market in Jim's folding chairs (I forgot to load mine), and it was raining so hard the water started backing up from the gutters. Before we could get into our truck and van, our shoes and pant legs were soaked. I had to sit in the van for a time; Jim sat under his tent til it finally tapered off. People did come by and I sold most of my baked goods and produce. Jim sold a good amount of fish, but then the rains came again.
    At 11 o'clock, I said "Enough, I'm leaving and going to the store." People were standing in the doorway of the store deciding to try to get to their cars or wait it out. I said, "I'm already wet from market, I’m going for the car." A lady was right behind me and said, "Let me help you load and I'll take your cart back.” Now how nice was that? I hope she got a blessing for that.

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