A whirlwind chain of recent events

    What a whirlwind chain of events we have experienced through the recent days. Sue and Rich came down from the Chicago area on the 22nd of December to help us pack to go back with them to spend Christmas with them and Chris’ family. We are quite a nuisance, elder antiques needing help in and out of cars and into homes, but we are thankful for being invited to spend Christmas with two of our children. We are excited because if we nap all the way to Chicago, we are to grab a sandwich at a drive-in before proceeding, with our walkers, to the theater-in-the-round to see the play “Singin’ in the Rain,” the old Gene Kelly movie.
    We are to leave home at 9:30 a.m., as the show is to start at 1:30. We should arrive a little early as it will take extra time getting wheelchairs and us into the theater. I had been there many years ago to see Debbie Reynolds, who just passed away, and I remember the many steps. Sue told us, “Don’t worry about it, you will be down in front, and you might even get wet when it rains.” Then I wonder how are they going to make it rain - a must in that play.

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