The truth, as twas told to me

    About thirty years ago I was still the Park Director and my column was called “Recreation, Sports and Trivia” and under that title was, “I know not what the truth may be, I tell it as twas told to me.”
    That should apply to this column as most of the items were mailed to me or taken from the various country newspapers.
    **Some time ago when Christine was recovering after a hospital visit, I purchased an electric lift chair to help her get up out of a chair. Thankfully she is stronger and last week I advertised it for sale and had seven calls wanting it. At the same time I read about another party having a chair for sale. Their ad was this: “ELECTRIC CHAIR, good condition, $100 or best offer.” Just think of the possibilities if everyone had a chance at one of these. What a small price to pay.

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