Trivia Too about love letters

    Last week was Valentine’s Day. According to the Catholic Church, back in BC 278, on Feb. 14, there was a priest named Valentine who was beheaded near Rome by Emperor Claudius. He was beheaded because he was secretly marrying Christian lovers, this against the orders of the emperor. While he was in prison he was able to cure the prison guard’s daughter from a terrible disease. By that miracle he was later made a saint. On his last day he wrote a note to the girl he had cured and signed it,” Your Valentine.” That is one story about the origin of Valentine’s Day.
    Today on Feb. 14, you need reservations at the better restaurants, as they are crowded with lovers taking their loved one to dinner.  The shops are loaded with candy, perfume, and roses as Valentine’s Day is one of their biggest sale times of the year for those items.


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