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What children will do with $100

The cold weather continues and it’s the Cubs and Cardinals and other major league teams having spring training games that makes me think it’s time to warm up, and spring is finally drawing closer.  Growing up as a kid in Beardstown the winters could be long, cold, and dreary.  Being a paper boy getting out at 5 each morning I experienced it all.  The winter in central Illinois has certainly been a challenging one with record cold spells, many degrees below zero, wind chills in the minus 50-degree range, and winds that have been long and hard.  This plus the snow and ice have all made the winter of 2018-2019 one to remember.  I set my clocks forward Saturday night, which is another sign that spring is right around the corner, and the first day of spring is just a week away.
The thing I enjoyed the most while being shut in during the past few days is watching on my computer and on the television the great Triopia basketball team.  Their winning the regional, the sectional, the super sectional tournaments and then taking 4th place in the state tournament, is quite an accomplishment for Coach Mike Lewis and his basketball team.  Job well done, congratulations.


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