Trivia Too

Mortally wounded over a couple of ducks

    In an old Beardstown paper printed in the late 1800’s the following article reported that there was a murder and it all started because a dispute over a pair of ducks.
    Here is the article:
    “George Humphries of Schuyler county, who has been charged with one of the worst offenses in the criminal calendar, murder in the 1st degree. According to the item in the Beardstown paper, the awful deal which is laid at the door of Humphries is the murder of Richard H. Ashcraft Saturday evening in front of the saloon conducted by Tice Neff on Main and Jefferson streets. The crime is one of the most horrible that could be imagined as naturally it stirred the city considerably and, on every corner, groups of men can be seen talking over the crime in all of its awful details. It has been 15 or more years since a murder has occurred here, the last being the murder of Elizabeth Church.


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