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Celebrating D-Day

It was 75 years ago that the most amazing invasion was ever made. I’m sure that during the past week my readers have seen much on television or read the accounts of the anniversary in the newspaper. There were 13,000 soldiers who landed behind those lines in parachutes.
There was a little boy who read about all this and was so interested that he had a thought he would like to do that when he grew up. After Keith Nightingale was well into his 30s, he belonged to a club of skydivers and had the idea to see if others would join him, go to France and make the same jump. He found 350 others and contacted General Jim Lindsay of the 82nd Airborne Division who gave him permission, thinking it was a good idea. After a couple years of planning, it was decided to do this on the 40th anniversary of D-Day.

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    Recently, two friends explained to me that my article published on Feb. 6 hurt and angered many folks in the community, veterans in particular. I’m thankful they cared enough to come to me.