Trivia Too

Pet pigs on the run

One of the kids just called out, “Hey mom, the pigs are out. There’s a mother with nine piglets eating the grass in the front yard!” I was in town working, of course. The first thing to do was to lock Elkie, the dog, up. She would enjoy helping chase the hogs, but it would never be the right decision because it was fun for her. So Christine and the kids started to drive the mother and her family back to the pen near the barn. They said that the mother wasn’t in a hurry. After she moved a little, she would wait for the piglets to catch up.
At least we didn’t have to call police officers to help, like they did in Delavan, Illinois. Molly, the black and white pot-bellied pig, with painted pink toe nails, should’ve stayed home. She went on the lam near Delavan, according to her owner Adrianne Alexander. She had adopted the pig last week as a companion for her other pig. But Molly, the new pig, was having a tough time adjusting and ran away. “I think she is trying to find her old home, which is about two miles away of rural Delavan,” said Adrianne.


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