Trivia Too

Dike Edelman: The greatest Illini athlete of all time

It’s basketball time again, this
March Madness week. With the
high school teams trying to go
as far as possible in their tournaments
and the colleges heading
for the NCAA Championship
Looking through my files
I find a couple of interesting
items. Who was the purist
basketball shooter Beardstown
high school ever had? I believe
it was back in the year 1957
when Beardstown had a team
with Lynn Blair, Joe Jameson,
Jim Givens, Lew Barker, Butch
Bell, and Charles Griggs playing
for the BHS team. It was Butch
Bell who had an unusual eye for
the basket. He was truly a fine
shooter. In one game he scored
34 points and only played three
quarters. Thirty-four points in
24 minutes and, this was before
the 3-point shot.

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