A trip to Wrigley Field

    Home alone! Not really, Don was with me for two days followed by our daughters Chris, Ann, and Sue each for two days. They are such a great help and on Sunday, Sue and Rich took me to Chicago and after parking conveniently behind Murphy’s Bar, across from Wrigley Field, they put me in a wheelchair and took me to the Cubs-Toronto baseball game.
    We entered a gate that took us into the new area west of the stadium which had a large grassy area with a dad and his son playing catch and others standing around waiting to meet the other members of their party. The area also had a concession stand and tents with tables and chairs and a considerable paved area. On one edge is the new Rickett Family five story hotel and on another side there is a large office building which also held a restaurant. We were there almost an hour and a half before game time. We soon met Chris and Keith and a little later, grandson Kevin and Michelle joined us. I suppose if you had a couple young restless children at the game you could come out where they could run and play and still see the game on a big 30-foot screen at the side of the office building. I had read about various changes at Wrigley Field, but could not imagine how nice the additions turned out.


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