A tornado at Woodhaven Lakes Park

    Christine and I are the only ones who move around to different tables in the dining room. Of the 124 residents here at the retirement home, they could be seen sitting at the same table every meal.  Christine and I arrive at the last minute before the meal time, and sit wherever there are two chairs empty – sitting where the original occupants are either sick, at the doctors, or out with one of their relatives. Not only has it let us become acquainted with each one, but learn their first name.
    Today we noticed a new couple sitting alone and we joined them. As is usual they asked where we were from and when we said Beardstown, they said that they were from Ipava before their retirement, and they had relatives from Browning, the Mathis and Larry Trone, the local businessman.
    The couple was John and Phyllis Hadsall. They are 22 years younger than we, and much too young to come to a retirement home where the average age is well up in the 80s.

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