Things that come with getting older

    I remember, I remember, I remember. As one becomes older he develops the habit of repeating himself. I am older and I have the habit of  saying ”I remember” very often. I have a rather good excuse, though. Today I am 95 years old. They say that you are only as old as you think you are. It is true I have thought I was young for 94 of my years, but must confess I am really feeling my age now.
    I had a column, written 25 years ago, on my 70th birthday with a title: ‘Thankful for Getting Old, Why Not?’. In that column I wrote that I couldn’t remember one of my best friend’s names, that I need a list if I am to pick up more than two items at the grocery, that if I get up out of my beloved recliner and go in the other room, I have to come back and ask what I was going after. So you see, nothing has changed in the 25 years; those lapses of memory still hold true.

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