Some trivia about baseball and golf

    JUST A LITTLE TRIVIA: The past Sunday was Father’s Day.  I have had 69 Father’s Day occasions and I have always enjoyed the nice meal on that day with family, but this year was different, as it was the first time to ever have our dinner in a grocery store. The Hy-Vee Grocery came to Bloomington two years ago; it is a large beautiful store with spacious aisles, and with each department so attractive that they encourage one to buy. At one corner of the building they have a nice restaurant, and that is where 16 of the family had our Father’s Day dinner. Naturally the store has their best cuts of meat and the freshest fruits and vegetables in this restaurant as it is a good place to advertise their produce. We had three of our children, two grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren in the group who enjoyed the nice buffet or what they could order from the menu.
    It’s baseball season with most of the people in our area either for the Cardinals or for the Cubs who are both in the Central Division, which is probably the worst of the major league divisions this year.  The one good thing that’s happening is that if you would like to have a start of the Wrigley Field ivy, it’s for sale. They have a few hundred starts so they will go fast.

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