Some more trivia about grandmas

    Trivia today is a little about items sent to me, items I’ve read, reflections on past columns about grandmas and another about Bill Gates, about coffins and a clever sign.
    Reflecting back to a recent column of mine about grandmas, I received this from a friend: The little 3-year-old was staying with her grandparents and on that day the grandmother told Grandpa that she had to run to the store so he should keep an eye on their granddaughter. After a short time, the little girl brings Grandpa one of her teacups and asked Grandpa if he would play with her. Sure he would, and he drank the cup of tea. Grandma comes home and asks, “Did you enjoy staying with your granddaughter?” Grandpa said, “Yes, we sure had a good time, I drank three of her little tea cups of tea.” Grandma then told him that there is only one place that she could possibly reach to get the water for her tea… the toilet.

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