The shores of Dunkirk are evacuated with help from most unlikely heroes

    It is Veterans Day again and I thank all Veterans. There are a bunch of volunteers who are fighting for us now. I recently heard a speech by a young man who was in his 40s who had already spent two tours of duty in Korea. He was a great example of the caliber of men who are willing to serve their country.
    This very day, the Russians are in Syria by invitation to fight for the Syrian government. The U. S. planes, and now ground personnel are in the same country helping the Syrian rebels... does that mean we are at war with the Russians? It surely can’t be, because I think we are going to be at war with the Chinese first. Our military capabilities are at the lowest ever; it is the ideal time for the enemy to strike, what are they waiting for? Enough of that, I want to tell you about a group of Veterans who were in the war with Germany before we were attacked at Pearl Harbor, and before we were actually in World War II.

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