Remembering the role of a young boy in the fight against the Nazis

It is about Veterans Day and I want to write about a close friend who was a “veteran.” When he was little boy, he was a real vet-eran, not an American, but he fought against the Nazis early during World War II.
 Sol, the 13-year-old boy, and his family lived in Poland in a one-street village with about a dozen small homes built for the peasants.  At this time, the Nazi Gestapo were go-ing through the towns and shooting all of the Jewish people.  Over one third of the Polish population were killed or forced to work. I have previously written about Sol, so I will repeat his story.
 The rumors came from one village to another about how they were just murdering everyone, and Sol’s mother, dad and sis-ter headed for the swampy forest.  In the last house on their street was a blonde lady with two blonde daughters who told Sol’s parents that he would probably be safe with them because he was a little blonde-haired boy and they would tell them that they weren’t Jewish.

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