Our country cares for its soldiers

    There has been a lot of recent publicity about Chris Kyle, the United States Marine SEAL, and his book, American Sniper. The book was a best seller, with all proceeds going to help others who came home with PTSD. A movie of his autobiography was made and directed by Clint Eastwood, and was nominated for best picture during the Academy Awards this past Sunday. Kyle received his first gun when he was eight years old, and he and his father did a lot of hunting of quail and deer.
    Kyle became an excellent marksman and his job during four tours in Iraq was to shoot at the enemy from a distance. He was so good at his assignments that he was awarded two Silver Stars and a number of other Navy and Marine awards and medals. The enemy was aware of who was doing the shooting and called him the Devil of Ramadi (he had 160 confirmed kills and 255 probable kills). They put a bounty on his head of $21,000 and later raised it to $80,000. This was such a worry to his wife Taya that three years ago she asked him to leave the SEAL team and come back home.

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