The operation of Midwest Food Bank

    It is a time between Thanksgiving and Christmas and every day in our country more than 50 million people worry about their next meal. The Midwest Food Bank is only 12 years old and is a most amazing business. It was started by David Kieser, a farmer who started collecting food goods in a small barn near Morton, Ill. They gathered enough food products to serve 10 local agencies in his community. Over time the Food Bank has grown with the help of countless volunteers and donors and has continued to provide food at no cost to those they serve. In the first three years there were enough donations to build a 27,000 square foot warehouse here in Bloomington.
    Our son Don and his wife Cathy are retired and they go one week every month to volunteer their services along with 50-60 others at the Midwest Food Bank. They kept telling me about the place until I was curious and asked if I could go with them to see the operation. Three weeks ago Don picked me up and, with a wheelchair, he pushed me around to see how it is done.

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