An oldie but a goodie

    We aren‘t able to go anywhere, even if we wanted, but after a couple of weeks we feel as if we are prisoners in Siberia. There is only one elevator in the 121 apartment facility and it broke and the repair part has to be manufactured and we won’t have an elevator for five more weeks. There are 24 residents, Christine and I included, who have apartments on the third floor and we don’t do steps.  The management brought four tables and sixteen chairs up to the third floor library, and that is where we have our meals. Waitresses carry, for an example, 16 cups of clam chowder and trays of four dinners up the stairs to the library until all are served and still have not spilled.
    Clay, a nice young man (84), is one who can walk down to the dining room so I have him get our mail for us from the second floor mail boxes. The other day he delivered the mail and saw me writing a future column. He asked if he could read one so I pulled out the two about a love story of two of our residents that was my column in the Star Gazette on Jan. 13, 2011. Not having a column ready now I am going to repeat the one about the lovers. If you remember it, forget it; if you haven’t read it, enjoy it.

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