More B’town Firsts

    In my last column, I listed a lot of “first”dates in Beardstown’s history. They were firsts from 1819 to 1980. This column will pick up where I left off and continue up to 1985.
1892: First water service in Beardstown. Good-bye privies.
1892: First Fish Fry Day in Beardstown--it was free, too!
1893: Four new grade schools built, one for each ward.
1894: First highway built to Frederick, end of dirt road.
1895: First rail shipment of ice from Muscouten Bay.
1895: First graveled street- Washington St., 3rd to 15th.
1898: First steel bridge built across the Illinois River.
1901: First picture show, silent movie, folding chairs.
1902: First automobile in Beardstown, sold to W. McCullough

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