Memories of Christmas past

    December already, and it brings back memories, memories, memories, no one enjoys them more than we do. I remember when the Roberts kids who lived in the last house on Washington Street would get out the Sears Roebuck and the Montgomery Ward catalogs to think about what they wanted for Christmas. There was Roy, age 6, Dale, age 4 and Jane age 3. There was big brother Mylo, he was already a 14 year old teenager and didn’t ever look at the catalogs with the rest of us.
    There were a lot of questions aimed at our Mother, like – “We don’t have a chimney, how is Santa going to get in?)  “How many more days before Christmas?” That one was probably asked many times.  To keep us busy Mother would show us how to make decorations for our tree, so for many a day little fingers tried to cut strips of colored construction paper to make paper rings and put them together before we pasted them. We never knew the word glue then, everything was pasted, sometimes with paste Mother made with flour and water. Then she said we could string some pop corn and that project soon failed because we ate the popcorn and it wasn’t easy to stick a needle in anyway. I was old enough and successful when she gave me a needle and thread and a bowl of cranberries to string,

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