Memorial Day... Think of something good

    Memorial Day... and the headline on May 8 was “70 YEARS SINCE NAZI DEFEAT.” How well I can remember that day. Amazing when I can’t remember what I had for dinner nor where I put my hearing aid.
    Another article in the same paper says the president wants the Veterans Administration to do more to prevent military suicides. At the beginning of our company’s war experience, before we ever saw the enemy, one of our tanks rolled off of a levee and the tank commander was killed. Three days later while being trained to use a flame thrower, something we never saw back in the states, another young boy in our company was killed. Naturally we felt bad, and that was when an old sergeant said, “You guys forget it, don’t dwell on it or you are going to lose your mind. Think of something good, like your home.” It was good advice and the rest of the war I did my best to try to forget what I did and what I saw, as much as I could.

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