The many wonders of electric cars

    Not long ago I had my first ride in an electric car (I think I suggested the ride). It was great as I listened to the driver tell me that it doesn’t need gas, there are no emissions as it has zero tail pipe, it doesn’t need oil, so you never need an oil change, it can’t overheat as there is not a radiator, and the charging of the batteries is free.
    The owner is Jim Pruyne. He and his wife Gwen moved into the Blair House Retirement Home a year ago and they have an apartment just down the hall from our apartment. Jim was on the Illinois State University staff for 35 years as the Director of Campus Christian Foundation. Gwen was on the Illinois State University Staff serving as the Business Manager and Editor of reports for the Study of Educational Finances.
    Their car is an i-MIEV. It was made by the Mitsubishi Corporation. When they sold their home they moved their personal charging station with them and gave it to the Blair House to erect so others could use it in the future. The car is the smallest four-seat electric car made in America. It is only 63 inches in height, eight feet four inches in length, and 55.9 inches in width. That is a small car and Jim is a large man, but he has no trouble getting in the car and we had plenty of room. The car can go 80 miles an hour and 70 miles distance in the summer before recharging. In the winter it might need charging when only going 50 miles. There are more charging stations here in Bloomington-Normal than in any other city.  Jim says, “We only use it as a town car, and as seldom as we travel, we fly and then rent a car.” It was a smooth, enjoyable ride. I liked it.

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