A love story continued...

    PART two of a love story. In last week’s column I mentioned that this was a repeat of a column I had in the Star-Gazette on Jan. 13, 2011.  I told how a friend of mine, Francesca, was a young Italian girl who married Jim Rice, an American soldier stationed in Italy at the end of World War II.  Francesca had been very loyal and kept her promise to marry her childhood lover Enzo (Vincenzo) when he returned from the war, but after three years Enzo’s mother received a telegram that he was dead.
    After a few months of Sgt. Rice being persistent she finally fell in love with the young, handsome American soldier from Decatur, Illinois.  Following their large, beautiful wedding and the wedding feast for the soldiers and Francesca’s Italian family and friends, the couple was so very happy.
    On the very day following the wedding, Enzo’s family received word that Enzo was alive, but had been a prisoner of war in Russia for over three years and was soon to be released. Francesca fainted upon hearing this news and was quite distressed. In 1945, Italy didn’t allow divorce and she was committed to Jim Rice and would stay with him.

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