Lots of wonderful memories

    Two weeks ago, I arrived home from attending the dedication of the new Beardstown Swimming Pool and enjoyed a nice dinner with our son Don, daughter Ann, and Christine, my wife. Two days later, Christine had difficulty eating. Within 24 hours, she was in the hospital receiving the best of care. At almost 95 years of age, surgery was not an option. Our four children and several of our grandchildren were able to visit and see her, and although she couldn’t eat, she had a smile for all of them.  
    Then on this past Saturday, she was able to talk to us, smile at our stories, and then she passed away peacefully in her sleep. I don’t know who was the author of the following poem, but I like it very much.
    One or the other must leave
    One or the other must stay
    One or the other must grieve
    That is forever the way.
    That is the vow that was sworn,
    Faithful until death do us part.
    Braving that had to be borne,
    Hiding the ache in the heart.
    One however adored,
    First must be summoned away.
    That is the way of the Lord,
    One or the other must stay.

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