A house with a history

Beardstown has its share of beautiful homes. Many of them built during the 1800’s. One that I have always admired is the one at 8 and State. Situated back on a grassy lot is the big white painted dwelling that seems to be transplanted to Illinois from the ‘deep south’. All that is needed to make it into an old antebellum mansion is the long, mossdraped tree-lined driveway up to its front door and in one’s imagination can be heard the swish of wide crinoline skirts and the merry laughter of gay southern belles.

This house was built in 1856 by Christopher Kauekluft who was an attorney of law. It is an exact reproduction of a Louisiana mansion he had seen and admired when he came as an immigrant into this country.

The house itself is thirty-six by fifty feet and has nine large rooms. The front door opens into a huge nine by thirty-three foot hall, centered with a self-supporting circular staircase with hand-cut walnut banisters. The window sills are of solid oak, the window frames are of white pine and hand made. The many paned windows immediately attract attention because of their unusual appearance, being much wider and thicker then those in ordinary houses. The foundation is of hand finished sandstone and the original white pine weather boarding remains on the exterior of the house. &nbsp;&nbsp;<ahref="http://etypeservices.com/Cass%20County%20Star%20GazetteID497/"><spanstyl... 13px; color: rgb(0, 0, 0);">To view more, please log in or subscribe to the digital edition.</span></a></p>


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