Hackers: stay away from my passwords

    Babies today will never have to drive. Babies born in 2017 will never drive, according to the prediction by the Insurance institute for Highway Safety. The reason: over the next 16 years the self-driving car will be perfected. Is that not amazing? No more anxious dads screaming, “Stay in your lane.” No more $1,200 insurance for teen drivers and no more “Warning---teen age driver” bumper stickers.
    This is the peak of the basketball season with the NCAA tournament basketball brackets being filled out by basketball fans across the country in almost every office, amounting to millions of dollars. Our grandson is a CPA in a downtown Chicago office and I sent him two entries, one in my name and one in Christine’s name, to enter their brackets. I Just received an email from Kevin saying that going into the Final Four, his Grandma is in first place.

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