A great time for sports fans

    It is April Fool’s Day as I start this column and a friend gave me the idea to write about a day many years ago. I might have been seven or eight years old. My dad was a rather quiet man; he laughed a lot and it was a lot of fun to be with him. On that April 1, he came into the house and told us a circus train was passing through town and had stopped for water, and somehow the animal cages broke open and they were trying to round the animals up. There was one of their elephants in our front yard. We kids all ran to the front window, but there wasn’t an elephant to be seen. My Dad yelled APRIL FOOL, and laughed at us.
    It is not only April but it is a wonderful time for sports fans. The NCAA semi-final had two close games, Gonzaga beating East Carolina and North Carolina beating Oregon. On Monday was the NCAA championship game between Gonzaga and North Carolina.

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