Getting a new pool is an old problem

    The accompanying picture is of the three Beardstown Park Directors, Jason Brockschmidt, the current Park Director, Steve Megginson who retired Jan. 1 of this year, and Roy Roberts who served the Beardstown Park District for 35 years from the day it was organized.
    Roberts, with Park Board Members Bill Cowen, Glen Massie, Dale Welbourne and W. W. McKnight, organized the Park District with the chief interest being to build a swimming pool for Beardstown. The pool was built in 1961 and was a great facility for almost 55 years. Over 30,000 swimmers used the pool in the first year alone.
    Park Director Steve Megginson spent many hours during his last four years dealing with the pool situation. He removed the old pool after the Ill. Dept. of Health said it didn’t meet the new state requirements and was not safe. He applied for a grant for a new pool, went to many meetings and corresponded with various state agencies.  For three years he conducted a fund-raising campaign for Beardstown’s share of the grant.

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