Fond memories of the Cubs

    Again, I am going through more files and finding lots of old memories, and it being about playoff time in the big leagues this column will be about baseball. As you know, the Cubs won the World Series last year.
    It was a year ago that Matt Gregory and five men from Michigan, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, and Tennessee met in Alaska while working at a resort. They found that since they were all Cub fans, they decided that they would meet in Mesa, Arizona, where the Cubs have their spring training games, and they would walk to Chicago, arriving there at the beginning of the season. Walking with them was a four-month-old Nigerian dwarf goat, thinking that by having it with them they would “crack the curse” of the billy goat that they felt hampered the Cubs from winning the World Series during the past 100 years. The men would walk 20 miles each day, then pitch their tents, resting for the next day. The goat could only walk about four miles a day and after that it would be pushed in a cart. The walk wasn’t just for the Cubbies, it was to raise funds for cancer research and they raised thousands of dollars.


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