Flooding in Beardstown’s history

    It was in 1992, when we were on our way to our home in the South Texas Valley, that we were detoured in Central Texas because of the flooding of several rivers. Now since Memorial Day Oklahoma and Texas have had as much as 60 inches of rain in some places and the rains continue. There were fifteen deaths in 1992 and this month there already have been 24 deaths reported in Texas. The surprise and extreme force of the rushing rivers have destroyed 1,200 homes, some with vacationers in them for the Memorial Day weekend. The Brazos, Blanco and Colorado Rivers have flooded the Dallas-Fort Worth area, as well as the rivers around Houston and San Antonio swelling.
    Just as in 1992, there are huge ranches along the flooding rivers and it has swept thousands of cattle into the river, swimming with the current. It takes a long time for the ranchers to recover their own cattle.

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