The first hospital to grace Beardstown

You would have to be well in your 90s to remember Beardstown’s first hospital. It was before we had the beautiful Schmoldt Memorial Hospital; that was on 15th  Street where the Clinic is located now. The first hospital in Beardstown was a brick building at 108 Main Street, approximately right across the street from the DeSollar Insurance office.
    Dr. George Bley was born in Wittenberg, Germany, in 1820, about the same time that Thomas Beard was making friends with the Indians on the bank of the Illinois River. Beard was the only white person here at that time, dreaming of a town that would eventually be built. Mr. Bley came to the United States in 1831; he was on a slow ship that took weeks for the voyage from Germany. Mr. Bley received his education in Philadelphia, graduating from the Jefferson Medical College in that city in 1840. He married Elizabeth Levis and they had three sons and three daughters.

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