Family reunions, warm springs, and polio

    If you were to write a column today, what would you write about? You can tell how my mind wanders as I have written about quite a variety of subjects. We were recently taken by our daughter Ann to a Kuhlmann Reunion; fortunately it was a luncheon meeting, close by in a Bloomington restaurant, and we could go. Relatives were there that we hadn’t seen for a long time, and a few we hadn’t met before, which made it especially nice.
    One man who was there was Will Harre, (BHS class 1947) whose daughter saw that he could be there. Will’s wife, who passed away last year, was Norma Kuhlmann, a sister of Harold Kuhlmann, and a cousin of Christine. While we were reminiscing about Norma, someone brought up that she had a bout with polio when she was in high school.

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