Enjoying the yearly alumni celebration

    It was alumni time again in Beardstown and the town was full of out-of-town visitors who used to live here and were coming “home” for a get-together with their classmates. The Beardstown alumni meeting is unique, it has been covered on national television, and it has been going on for 140 years, ever since seniors started graduating from Beardstown High School. Every five years a class gets together once again and seeing old friends seems to be more enjoyable as each five years rolls around, and for some reason they seem to roll around faster each time. In the first class that graduated from Beardstown High School there were only two ladies; actually there were only five, four, and seven ladies in the next three years’ graduating classes. During the first 20 years there were never more than 11 graduates in a class. The graduating classes during the first 20 years averaged about five girls to two boys. In 1896 classes started getting larger, there were 16 girls and eight men in that class.
    When I went away to a war 70 years ago, and was only away for three years, it was so exciting to return home and see all of the changes that had been made. Just imagine how it would be if you graduated from BHS and went off to college. In the meantime your parents moved to a distant state. You graduated from college, got a job in another part of the country, and never had a reason to return to Beardstown. You married, had a family and because of family, work or finances you lost track of your friends and never returned to a class reunion. Now in this, your 45th, 50th or 65th reunion year, you decide to return. This is what happened to a few who were in town for the alumni for the first time.

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