Enjoying the ‘winter of life’

    Here at the retirement home where we are living, each resident has been given an Alert system. It is a disk that is a little larger than a small matchbox. In the center of the disk is a button that one presses when in trouble. Automatically, it calls 911.
    Since it contains a GPS, the person who answers the 911 call knows immediately where you are. It can be worn anywhere; inside a building or miles away or even in the shower. It can be worn on a cord around the neck or clipped to the belt or worn on the wrist.
    Mine is in my shirt pocket. It replaces the old safety strings hanging in each apartment’s living room, bedrooms and bathrooms. Pulling one of these strings brought the manager running to help, but all he could do is call 911. Too often one would fall and not be able to reach or crawl to one of the strings.

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