Easter, the happiest time of year

    It is the week of Easter, the happiest time of the year. It is the greatest celebration on the Christian calendar. It marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ and Easter is late this year because it is celebrated on the first Sunday after the first full moon, in the northern hemisphere. This year, according to the Bible’s lunar calendar, the anniversary of Jesus’ death falls on Tuesday, April 12.
    I remember the Saturday night before Easter my wife and I would start coloring eggs as soon as we had the kids all in bed. Easter eggs supposedly were brought by the Easter rabbit which is just mere child’s play, but originally it was the vestige of a fertility rite. Many believe the decorated Easter eggs could bring happiness, prosperity, health, and protection. It was the Easter bunny who brought those eggs to our house, and of course I was up early in the morning to be that rabbit. With our large front yard, we could put the eggs everywhere. Today seems so different, our grandchildren color their own eggs. On Easter morning, they are happily surprised with a large basket of Easter treats. A lot of the baskets have names printed on them like ‘Happy Easter Rodger.’ A friend told how there was always the older children in their family finding too many eggs so they had a custom of telling their children, “Johnny, you only pick up the red eggs, Billy, you just pick up the blue eggs, and Carol, you get all the yellow eggs.” Of course, the older kids would find theirs and still want to help little Carol find hers.

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