Do you ‘remember when?’

    You know, time has a way of moving so fast as one gets older. it seems just yesterday that I was young, just a kid. Back in February, I received a cute birthday card for my 95th birthday from friend Betty. It was a “REMEMBER WHEN” card.
    It had Remember When - “down town” seemed so far away.  It did, and in our town, no one lived more than a mile from down town. There was Remember When - we played hide and seek and run sheep run. There was Remember When - we used to catch lightning bugs. Another Remember When was - when no one had a pedigreed dog and none were tied up, and when you passed them you could call them by its name and see its tail wag. Next was the Remember When - drug stores had soda fountains. They were nice, but my favorite was Nick Leocis’ confectionery. Next was Remember When - grownups seemed so glamorous and very old. I was in my mid-twenties, and we belonged to a Married-Peoples Club at the church. One of the members was celebrating his 40th birthday and I thought he was so old. I remember seeing older people through the years, and thinking that these older people were years away for me, and I could not imagine what it would be like to be that old; surely that would never happen. After all the “Remember Whens,” the last page of the card said, “You are lucky to have had such good times OR, it means YOU’RE kinda OLD.”


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