Dieterle becomes Saint Nick

    It is an old one but such a nice one. Forty years ago Bill Dieterle’s father-in-law brought him his Santa Claus suit and asked him to take his place at the garden center, where a lot of children would be lined up to have their pictures taken. He refused, saying that he was a restaurant executive, not a S. Nicholas. His wife kept nagging at him until he finally said he would do it. The first weekend as Santa, a little boy was walking with his mother when he suddenly saw Santa, he let hold of her hand, ran across the room, hopped up on Santa’s lap and gave him a big hug. He asked the boy what he wanted for Christmas. The boy said, “Nothing, I just want you to make my mother happy.”  Bill looked over at the mother who was crying. After questioning her, he found that the boy was terminally ill. This made Bill really believe he was Santa Claus.

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