Collecting antiques at garage sales

    Are you a collector, and are you the sort of person who enjoys a good garage sale, antique show, flea market, auction, or church bazaar? Not that you need anything, but you might find an incredible bargain or something to add to your collection. Terry Kovel says that she found a silver sugar castor at a house sale. She didn’t know how valuable it was until later. Turned out it was made by Paul Revere - not the patriot, but his father. She paid $12 for it; today it is worth $15,000 and is part of a museum’s collection.
    They say that there are over 1,400 items that people collect, probably many more than that we don’t know about. There are people who collect the small matchbox folders that have the name of the restaurant or lounge printed on them. They have disappeared with the ban on smoking. There are collectors of dolls, figurines, soda, milk and liquor bottles, toys, colorful glass vases, Christmas ornaments, Star Trek and Star Wars memorabilia, Pyrex and Corning Ware dishes and bowls, and even vintage guitars.

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