Christmas music began as the singing of Psalms

Trivia Too

It is the day after Christmas, and the beautiful Christmas carols and the many Christmas songs are shut off like turning a light switch. I do enjoy hearing them; I like O Holy Night.  It is as if we forgot God’s greatest gift was given to us on Christmas Day.
    It was in the late 1600s when most worship music in Europe consisted of singing the Old Testament Psalms, and there was a young boy, Isaac Watts, who loved the Bible, but he felt these Psalms seemed “unnatural” to sing.  After one Sunday service, 15 year-old Isaac complained about “the atrocious worship.” A deacon challenged him with, “Give us something better, young man.”
    Watts went home and penned his first hymn, and the love of hymn writing stuck with him all his life.  It was later in 1719, when he was inspired by the last part of Psalm 98, which tells us to make a joyful noise to the Lord and sing praises to the Lord.  Watts wrote the hymn Joy to the World.

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