A bit of Trivia from friends

A bit of TRIVIA from friends and what I could pick up. I will say, I know not what the truth may be; I tell it as was told to me.
    *I see the light blinking on our telephone, meaning there is a message. The call was from Master Card telling me they suspect that there is a fraudulent use of my credit card, would I please call this 800 number, and give the case number 23759326. I don’t know why they couldn’t tell me, but I followed their directions. The operator asked me if I still had possession of my card, which I told her I did. She then asked if I had been out of the country, and when I answered that I had not, she told me they would send me a new card and to destroy the one I had. I asked why I need to do that, and she says someone is using your card number in the United Kingdom. I asked how much did they spend, and she said it was only $55, but the next purchase could be more expensive; dinner, a hotel room, a diamond ring.
    *Chris Roegge (BHS 1972) is the executive director of the Council on Teacher Education at The University of Illinois. Student teachers in Illinois have been required to pass an assessment called edTPA, formerly known as the Teachers Performance Assessment, to demonstrate their job readiness and obtain their teaching license.  Roegge recently spoke about the controversial assessment which critics challenge as being too time consuming and is questionable to the candidate’s preparedness. As for the teaching profession, over the past five years enrollment in our teachers’ education program has declined 25%. The number of teachers being graduated is declining here in Illinois and across the nation. The prediction is that the nation will soon face a teacher shortage.

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