Being involved in many fundraisers

    My family has been in a variety of fund raisers. Fund raisers are for many reasons: for schools, for churches, for Civic Clubs, charities of all types, and others. Some are fun some are hated, but all seem to be successful. The Girl Scouts sell cookies, The Lions have had chicken dinners, the Kiwanis have sold cases of oranges and grapefruit and even brooms and roses at one time. The church has sold pecans and walnuts and the school children have sold candy, magazines, and candles.
    Our son Don and his wife Cathy attended a dinner the other night to raise money for their church’s missionary work. About 60 of them paid $50 each and sat in an audience to watch a chef prepare their dinner. There were cameras and two large screens in which the audience could view the chef who wore a microphone as she prepared the gourmet dinner. She had each item already prepared in massive quantities so she could serve their dinner after she completed her presentation. They said everything was delicious and they made $2,000.

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