Another round of Trivia Too

    Due to illness I missed a week, sorry about that. Feeling good again so it is Trivia Time, items from what I have received from friends and various news media.
    *It is time to look for those beautiful flying giants of the air, the Bald Headed Eagle. I say giants, because when the average man stretches out his arms, that is how long the eagles wingspan is. It is reported that Illinois has more eagles than any other state except Alaska. Starved Rock has advertised that they will have tours to see the eagles during the next two weeks. The eagles like the cold winter when ice is on the river; they flock around dams to dive for their fish. Bald Eagle Days will be in Rock Island, Keokuk, and several other lock-and-dams where shuttle buses will take the eagle watchers to the best locations to view them. Fifty-five years ago they counted 400 eagles nesting. Since then DDT has been eliminated and the Eagles have been considered an endangered species, and now there are over 30,000. The Eagles are picking up chickens and some farmers are illegally shooting the thieves.

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