Another local story about Gypsies told in 1876

    I know that I have often written about my experience with the Gypsies, but I just found another Beardstown story regarding the Gypsies in our town so will repeat my recollections of Gypsies.
    It was when I was 5 years old that I believe it was the last of the Gypsies came through Beardstown. They weren’t allowed to stop in town, so they pulled their column of five or six covered wagons just a hundred yards out the Boulevard Road. This being in 1927, there weren’t any homes out that way; our house at the end of Washington Street was the edge of Beardstown.
    A man from the covered wagons would knock at our back door and ask Mother if he could fill their buckets with water. They needed to make many trips as they needed to water the teams of horses, the four or five horses tied to their wagons plus water for their bathing and cooking. Like any little kid I was curious and asked if I could go see the horses. The man said, “Ma’am, I would be glad to take him out to see the horses, and I would bring him right back.”

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