1921 issue of Star reveals new hard road, cars, baseball diamond and construction of church and the R.B. Glenn ice plant

Trivia Too

    I was so interested in Beardstown’s history, that I used to go to the Beardstown Carnegie Library, when it was where the Beardstown City Hall is now, and spend hours looking at the old micro films of the Illinoian-Star.
    I remember picking out a 1921 issue and was attracted to an article which said that the construction of the new hard road would be open in one week from Beardstown to Star Lane. The highway started at the end of Wall Street and was a straight line to the City Cemetery. It had been ten years since one mile of single lane pavement had run for one mile out the Chandlerville road. I then looked at a copy of the paper a week later which told that every car owner in town took a ride out as far as Star Lane to ride on the new pavement. There weren’t many cars in Beardstown yet so I doubt if there were more than 60 cars enjoying the new smooth pavement. Cars were selling fast, especially the lower priced Fords.

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