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    Comments on past columns: I had a recent column about items that I knew how to cook, and I forgot to tell about my love of the mushrooms that I used to gather in our hills each spring. My thoughtful daughter Ann called one day and said she was bringing our supper. It was the day after that one hot day in April. Jess had found a sack of mushrooms in his back yard, along the base of the hill. Ann brought the steak to go with them, got out our electric skillet, and we had a very delicious feast. It made for nice conversations the next day telling the elderly friends who live here about our dinner of mushrooms. Half of those we talked with had never eaten that kind of mushroom and were unaware that they grew in the woods.
    Ann not only brought our dinner but also brought a Caramel Pecan Roll and a Cinnamon Roll from the RiverTown Coffee Shop. They were super delicious and if you have never tried them… they are great.

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