Triopia School Board Candidates

Tracie Sayre
13188 Virginia Road, Arenzville
Employed for the last 25 years with St. John’s Hospital and Hospital Sisters Health System in Human Resource Management and Human Resources Information Systems.
Incumbent - Has served for the past 8 years, the last 2 years as president.
    In the state of Illinois, we continue to have financial constraints which impact our school budget.  I believe we must prudently manage and administer our tax dollars allocated to education.  I believe it is vital to strive for and research opportunities that will help our students succeed.
    As a current board member, it is imperative to understand the new demands of the Common Core Educational Standards in order to help every student succeed.  The standards bring a “tremendous opportunity” because they are designed to meet college and career expectations.   Having spent my career in Human Resources, I realize how important a strong educational background and career readiness is to future employment. 
    The challenges presented by the new standards include developing new instructional materials, identifying and adopting new textbooks aligned with the standards, adapting to new testing practices requiring the use of technology and educating our parents on teaching strategies where the process of critical thinking analysis is just as important as finding the answers.  The most critical piece is to allow our educators to take ownership of the curriculum and to provide enough support for collaboration among our teachers.
    I am seeking re-election for the Triopia school board because I have been involved in the district for the past 19 years and feel that I can bring a broad perspective and objectivity to this position.
    It is a high priority for this district that we perform as a cohesive unit including board members, district personnel, staff, teachers and community members. It is essential that we effectively communicate across all areas, establishing and maintaining trust and common goals. Our goal must be to provide a quality education to all children of our community.
    If elected, I will work with an open mind and the objectivity necessary to perform all of the functions of a school board member. I am willing to devote the time and energy that this community deserves in fulfilling my duties as a member of this board.
    We have a great school district, and we should all be proud of our school district.     As a school board member, my goal will be to make sure every parent, teacher and community member feels that way.

Valerie Andrews
4974 Arenzville Rd., Beardstown
Kindergaten teacher at Schuyler-Industry CUSD #5
Incumbent -
Has served 6 years
    One of the issues that Triopia CUSD #27 is facing is reduction in state funding. We are currently looking at ways to reduce spending.
    My goals are to keep Triopia CUSD #27 successful and on the cutting edge of education. Through education, each student can achieve.

Jessica Crawford
2180 Clark Road,
District Assistance Coach for Illinois Center for School Improvement
Incumbent - Has served for one year, filling a vacancy created by a resignation
    Some of the issues facing the school board include protecting the success of the school district, sound
financial decisions and ensuring all students achieve success when they enter the doors of the district.
    I am committed to the success of the school district, which includes making the best possible decisions for the betterment of all students. This includes retaining highly qualified staff members, high expectations for student achievement and preparing students to be active and involved members of society when they graduate.
    This also means making sound financial decisions toward the best interests of the students. I think it’s important to spend our money wisely and keep the tax rates as low as we can for families and businesses, but at the same time give our students the best education.
    One of the most important goals I would be committed to is continuing a school-wide vision of the success of all students. This would include working with both the administration and faculty to create a school climate where students feel safe and protected, educational responsibility is shared, technological improvements are embraced and mandates from the state are tackled together.
    As a board member, sound fiscal decisions would need to be made that allow for the district to operate and improve, but it would also be important to look for additional revenue sources to keep the district financially secure.
    Another goal of mine would be to engage all stakeholders in the community to push for the success of the students and the district.

Keith Fricke

Tabatha Stambaugh
103 S. Meadow Ln.,
Training Instructor at Illinois Laborers & Contractors Joint Apprenticeship Training Program
    Financial security, consolidation and the longevity of Triopia CUSD #27.
    Without the financial security we will not have the longevity of the school district. Would consolidation be beneficial to the district as a whole and help with longevity of the district is a question.
    Safety in and out of our school is extremely important as well. Safety of the staff and students regarding a safe place of learning and transportation to and from school and events. Safety also includes having trained personnel on staff to be able to handle any medical emergency.
    Quality of education is a must. We should provide the best education to our children that we can. After all, they are our future.
    Community relations are also important. I believe getting the community involved with every aspect of the school would help the district. I feel the more the community knows, the more willing they will be to help the school district accomplish their goals.
    If elected, I will do what I can to help secure the future of Triopia CUSD #27, provide safety and a quality education to our staff and children, and be a voice for the community in the decisions of the school district.

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