Men’s Senior Golf to start June 9

  • Men's Senior Golf
    Men's Senior Golf

    The Tuesday Men’s Morning Senior Golf League will open play for the 2020 season on Tuesday, June 9, at the Scripps Park Golf Course in Rushville. Golfers are asked to sign in 15 minutes prior to tee-off set for 9 a.m.
    Golfers are to enter the Pro Shop where they will find Curtis Venz and Kip Wilson on the left as they enter. They are to sign up and then leave immediately. Golfers will not be allowed to linger in the Pro Shop, but may gather outside prior to the tee-off.
    There will not be any food or drinks available. Hopefully, full service will be available by mid-July.
    The Men’s Senior Golf League is open to any and all area golfers age 55 and over. Any golfer wishing to join should contact the league officials or the Pro Shop. The league plays to a 4-man scramble on the first Tuesday of the month, while the following weeks a 2-man team will play. The league plays under a handicap system which makes it fair for all golfers  involved regardless  of their handicap.
    League members with questions should contact Curtis or Kip at the Pro Shop. The Senior Golf League will again feature a weekly column with results and comments.
    Keep it on the short grass.

Don L. Chipman