COVID-19 deals major blow to sports complex buyers

 Sports is not the start all or the end-all to our universe but this staple of our lives, has been drastically affected now that the COVID-19 has forced most of us to stay inside and away from the stadiums, ball parks and golf courses.
 The entire sports scene is in a tizzy with the cancellation of all sports on the grade school, high school, collegiate, recreational and pro levels. Those associated with sports, which includes millions of fans, find themselves twiddling their thumbs with this unbelievable turn of events. The COVID-19 outbreak brings to mind the question of what effect this has on those who depend on the sports scene and its activities for a living. This is not about the mammoth NCAA and its loss of nearly a billion dollars or the wealthy pro sports franchise owners who will be able to suffer through this, but this is about the small business owner and the sports activities and the impact the close down has on them.
Future Champions Sports Complex:
 The conglomerate of local individuals that recently purchased the Lenz Field Complex has been heavily affected by the shutdown. This endeavour has been dealt a near death blow with its services being put on hold until the COVID-19 problem is solved and all of us can return to normal lives. 

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