The colors of spring


The trees are leafing out and the fruit trees are blooming. We have colors of red, white and pink. It makes for a beautiful scene. I just got to see my daughter and son-in-law who came Sunday and helped mow. Everything looks neat.

She brought masks she had made for us and we’re really grateful. When she was young she made a lot of her clothes, most of the time without a pattern. She and her husband are both working from home and they order their groceries which are delivered. It’s hard on them since they’re used to being active – walking the dogs, 5K runs and going to the new gym down the road from their home.

Her husband is a professor at UIS in Springfield, but there are no college classes now so he is working from home. Her vocation has been working from home for several years with a company of which she is vice president. She did a lot of traveling to different states to train doctors and nurses plus staff about getting Medicare to pay for patients’ needs. There’s no plane travel now and that’s fine with me. I didn’t like to see her travel so much. I went to Connecticut by plane one time – first and last big plane ride. No more for me.

We have some seeds planted now. This weather should bring them up before long. As soon as my lettuce is up we will plant more.

I have a Jenny wren nesting outside the kitchen window. They are the prettiest singers. They are using a little house that is actually a feeder to nest in. It has a roof and swings freely. Wrens like a nest that moves in the breeze – rocks the babies I guess.